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Press Releases

Press releases from March 2014

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Emergency Care in the 21st Century

Conference Focus on Critical Care across Britain

With the significant focus currently on A&E services around the UK, Britain’s oldest surgical Royal College is holding their annual President’s Meeting on some of the most crucial subjects surrounding the provision of emergency care in Britain. The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (www.rcsed.ac.uk); later this month opening its first cent…

First-Ever Dental Skills Competition Reflects Rise of Females in Dentistry

An interactive, first-of-its-kind dental skills competition organised by Britain’s oldest surgical Royal College has a whopping 72% female finalists converging from all around the UK. The event, taking place this Thursday 6 March, will see a group of elite dental students from all corners of Britain competing in a series of challenges to test thei…

The Cutting Edge: Tomorrow’s Surgeons Gather in Bristol

Medical Students from Around the UK Meet for Scalpel Inspiration

Britain’s oldest surgical Royal College hosted in Bristol the 4th annual National Conference for Aspiring Surgeons, which called upon the best and brightest medical students from around the UK to present new ideas and share their passion on innovation, safety and quality in surgery, to help shape the future of healthcare. The Royal College of Surge…

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