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Press Releases

Press releases from August 2014

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UK Surgical Trainees Assessed on Non-Technical Skills for the First Time

Whilst job assessments in many professions involve a rating for how well the person performs in a group, whether they communicate efficiently or display strong leadership qualities, it’s only the first time in the UK that similar skills are being formally evaluated in surgeons through the national curriculum, using a system devised by Britain’s lar…

Cutting Out ‘Never Events’: Surgery Checklists to Spread from Operating Theatre into Emergency Wards

Surgery Safety System to Help Reduce Errors Outside the Operating Room

It is known that ten to 15% of patients admitted to hospital experience an adverse event, but more than half of those related to surgery don’t actually occur inside the operating theatre. Emergency admissions are associated with the majority of complications, including incorrect diagnoses, inappropriate or unnecessary investigations and wrong or de…

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