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RCSEd Policy on Lobbying and Political Donations

All of the College’s public affairs, policy and campaigning work is conducted by the Public Affairs Manager and Policy Officer. The College does not use third party lobbyists or external organisations in any part of this activity.

To ensure probity and the highest possible standards, the College and its officers will:

  • Display honesty and transparency in all dealings with politicians, civil servants and other relevant bodies.
  • Outside of corporate entertainment or small token souvenir items, we will never offer or accept any inducement that could be construed as a bribe or solicitation for favour. 
  • Never engage in activity that consciously favours a particular political party or individual. 
  • Endeavour to ensure the truth and accuracy in all statements and information provided.
  • Never undertake any activity which may be illegal or unethical.

To avoid any potential for conflict of interest, members of the Public Affairs team may be members of political parties but will not seek election for public office or hold passes for the UK, EU, Scottish Parliaments or the Welsh and Northern Assemblies.

Contact Details

For further detail on any aspect of the College’s policy and public affairs work, please contact:

Chris Sanderson Public Affairs Manager c.sanderson@rcsed.ac.uk

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