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Patients and the Public

Patient safety is an issue which concerns all those who care for patients and lies at the heart of medical practice. All surgeons have a primary responsibility to participate in established procedures and to develop new measures to improve patient safety.

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is committed to improving standards through education and training and by supporting research into human factors which may prevent or mitigate patient harm.

The College recognises the need to promote a safe environment for patients undergoing surgery, through recognition, pre-emption and remediation of surgical error - both technical and non-technical. By the elevation of the awareness of the potential for, and impact of, medical error on surgical patients it is hoped that the performance of operating teams will improve and that surgery will become safer for the patient.

The College aims to:
  1. Teach and train patient safety issues to the surgical community
  2. Research and develop all issues related to patient safety in the operating environment
  3. Set standards for the practising surgeon in relation to patient safety issues
In order to achieve these aims, the College undertakes the following activities:
  1. Develops and runs courses on patient safety and related topics
  2. Promotes the integration of patient safety training and assessment into the curricula of all surgical specialties
  3. Supports research into error sources and mechanisms within the operative environment and techniques for improvement
  4. Acts as advocates for the safety of the surgical patient in matters of surgical training
  5. Represents the College in such matters relating to patient safety in surgery
  6. Develops links with sister organisations
  7. Acts as a 'condenser' of information relevant to patient safety in the surgical setting

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