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News items from December 2018

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Patient Safety Group Introduced

Patient Safety Group Introduced - Read more

To build on the hugely successful work of the RCSEd Patient Safety Board, a new Patient Safety Group has been launched.

RCSEd Research Report 2016-2018

RCSEd Research Report 2016-2018 - Read more

One of the most important investments the College makes is in surgical research. To document this commitment, the College has published its 2016-2018 Research Report.

First High Tea with RCSEd a Success

First High Tea with RCSEd a Success - Read more

The high tea networking event with the newly elected Vice-President of RCSEd, Mr Pala Rajesh, took place on 27 November 2018 at the Connexion Conference & Event Centre, Kuala Lumpur. This event was designed to promote direct interaction with College membership.

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