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News items from March 2017

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European Working Time Directive

European Working Time Directive  - Read more

RCSEd calls for the European Working Time Directive to be directly transfered into UK law.

Dental Skills Competition Final 2017

Dental Skills Competition Final 2017 - Read more

The UK's finest undergraduate dentist will be crowned winner In Edinburgh on Thursday 30 March 2017.

Addressing Global Surgery

Addressing Global Surgery - Read more

RCSEd and sister surgical Royal Colleges have written to the candidates for the post of Director-General with the World Health Organisation asking how they plan to address global surgery inequalities.

Professor Fraser McDonald named as next Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery

Professor Fraser McDonald named as next Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery - Read more

Professor Fraser McDonald is to serve as the next Dean of the College’s Faculty of Dental Surgery. Professor McDonald holds a Chair in Orthodontics in Relation to Oral Biology at King's College London and is an Honorary Consultant in Orthodontics. He is a Fellow of the Dental Faculty, without examination, since 1998 and was appointed the James IV Professor of the College in 2002.

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