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News items from May 2016

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Museum + Heritage Awards

Museum + Heritage Awards - Read more

RCSEd's Surgeons' Hall Museums awarded top prize at UK-wide Museums and Heritage Awards

Junior Doctors' Contract Settlement

Junior Doctors' Contract Settlement - Read more

RCSEd hopes agreement means all parties can return to focusing on delivering the best possible patient care within a world class health service

Expanding Skills of Staff to Cope with NHS Demand

RCSEd supports the principle of developing wider skills and competencies across the medical workforce to help the NHS cope with demand

Tooth Decay Amongst Five Year Olds in Decline

Whilst the fall is welcome, RCSEd believes tooth decay is entirely preventable and calls for need to limit sugary food and drink

Let us Operate with Respect

RCSEd is pleased to be supporting RACS' campaign to help put an end to bullying, discrimination and sexual harrassment in surgery

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