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News items from October 2015

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Press Release: Time to Cut the CRP

Time to Cut the CRP - Read more

Research by a local medical student has highlighted that some inappropriate blood tests could be costing the Welsh NHS annually over £80,000 in the assay alone, let alone the time needed to take the blood, interpret the results and review with the patient; the study has won him a prize by Britain’s oldest surgical Royal College. These cost saving …

RCSEd Supports One Team For Our NHS Campaign

RCSEd Supports One Team For Our NHS Campaign - Read more

Publicity drive is delivering message that all staff no matter what their role play an important part in patient care

Press Release: The Bone Collector

The Bone Collector - Read more

Research by a young Exeter-based surgical trainee which could change the way anterior cruciate repair is undertaken in the UK was chosen as the winning paper at a prestigious local medical research competition. The research undertaken by Alasdair Barrie, 27, a year 1 surgical trainee currently based in Exeter, used data from the Exeter Bone Bank t…

Press Release: Is the NHS Fattist

Is the NHS Fattist - Read more

New research could be set to turn CCG and Health Board policy on its head. Currently, many overweight or obese patients needing hip or knee replacements are being refused surgery until they have lost weight. This new data has shown that even if a patient is obese, it has NO effect on the outcome of a hip or knee replacement. The study, presented b…

Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill

Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill - Read more

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has reiterated its opposition to the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Bill that will be debated by MPs this Friday (16 October 2015).

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