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News items from March 2015

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JSCFE in Cardiothoracic Surgery Applications Open

JSCFE in Cardiothoracic Surgery Applications Open - Read more

The Joint Surgical Colleges Fellowship Examination (JSCFE) application system for the Specialty of Cardiothoracic Surgery is now live

RCSEd to Deliver Urology Surgical Training Model in Myanmar

RCSEd to Deliver Urology Surgical Training Model in Myanmar - Read more

RCSEd secures Tropical Health Education Trust grant to develop enhanced surgical curriculum and deliver a self-sustaining surgical training model in urology in Myanmar

Surgical Adviser of eLearning

Surgical Adviser of eLearning - Read more

RCSEd seeking to appoint a Surgical Advisor of eLearning to lead developments in technology enhanced learning and associated education provided by the College

RCEM STEP Campaign

RCEM STEP Campaign - Read more

RCSEd responds to launch of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine's STEP campaign in Scotland

Exclusive Gala Evening

Exclusive Gala Evening - Read more

RCSEd to host fundraising dinner to raise funds to support healthcare regeneration in Myanmar, 4 July 2015

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