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Voting in the Dental Council Elections Opens Soon

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01 Jun 2021

Earlier this month The Faculty of Dental Surgery (FDS) closed the nominations for the Members of Dental Council vacancies and online voting in the elections will be available soon.

If you are an RCSEd Dental Member, please take a moment to vote and help elect the best candidates to contribute to the success and vision of the Faculty. Ballot papers will be emailed out to you in the following days, the deadline for voting is 12pm on Wednesday 14 July.

FDS delivers high quality assessment, education and CPD that adds value to the professional development and engagement of dental professionals worldwide. By promoting excellence in clinical engagement and dental training, the Faculty supports and develops the whole dental team in reaching its full potential. Joining the Dental Council of the Faculty of Dental Surgery is an excellent opportunity to influence and help shape the Faculty’s strategic direction.

For further information please email us at dental@rcsed.ac.uk.

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