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Special Awards at RCSEd Diploma Ceremony

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11 Oct 2019

The College offers its congratulations to all diplomates who are attending our Diploma Ceremony on Friday 11 October. Those celebrated on the day include a number of eminent surgeons receiving special awards for their work furthering patient safety in their respective fields.

These include Mr John Batten, Immediate Past President of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons and Senior Lecturer in Surgery at the University of Tasmania, who is receiving Fellowship ad hominem for his significant contributions to training and auditing through the Australian Orthopaedic Association where he has made particular commitments to the development of the National Joint Replacement Registry.

RCSEd President Professor Michael Griffin OBE commented on Mr John Batten's Fellowship ad hominem:

"John Batten is Immediate Past President of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons for whom he has served with huge distinction. He has supported the Respect in Surgery campaign aiming at reducing bullying and undermining in the work place which has been so successful in reducing unprofessional behaviour in surgery in Australia. He has an outstanding reputation for training and assessment and has worked very closely with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh on important projects such as undermining and bullying. His contributions to world surgery in his role as President have been hugely important and his commitment to overseas orthopaedic aid programmes are very well respected."

Professor Douglas Mathisen is receiving Fellowship ad hominem thanks to his outstanding contributions to thoracic surgery both in the USA and internationally, as well as his excellent reputation as an active clinician and clinical academic. He has contributed extensively to postgraduate teaching courses in the UK. 

Vice President of RCSEd, Mr Pala Rajesh, welcomed Professor Mathieson's award, saying:

"Professor Doug Mathison is a contemporary giant in thoracic surgery with an excellent reputation as a clinician, academic and a teacher in the United States and internationally."

Professor Alexander Haese, Professor of Urology, Head of Robotic Urologic Surgery, Martini-Clinic Prostate Cancer Center, University Clinic Eppendorf, Hamburg, is also Fellowship ad hominem for his work as Head of Robotic-Assisted Urological Surgery at the Martini-Clinic in Hamburg. The Martini Clinic is dedicated to the treatment of prostate cancer and undertakes the highest volume of prostatectomies per year. Professor Haese developed the robot-assisted surgery and has trained other surgeons in the procedure.

Speaking about Professor Haese's contributions to urology, Consultant Urological Surgeon Justine Royle, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, said:

"Professor Haese is one of the leading lights of training in urological cancer surgery in Europe. He has trained over 70 surgeons in 10 different countries in robotic prostatectomy and has helped establish well over half the robotic centres in the UK. He has contributed widely to the body of knowledge in modern urology with well over 100 published articles. A most patient trainer, he fully deserves the award of fellowship ad hominem."


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