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The FST Medal for exceptional contributions to Surgical Training - Nominations now open

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24 Jun 2019

Excellent surgical trainers play an instrumental role in teaching, mentoring and inspiring the next generation of trainee surgeons. Although there are differences in approach, personality and technique among trainers, common themes exist for those that truly shine as examples of exceptional education and training.

Remarkable surgical trainers promote patient safety, inspire and impart wisdom and skill in trainee surgeons, and instill a sense of confidence and compassion.

In order to recognise and celebrate exceptional trainers, the Faculty of Surgical Trainers are introducing their first Medal Award, which will be presented at the FST Conference held in Birmingham in October 2019.


Fellows, Members or Associates of the Faculty of Surgical Trainers can nominate and propose any surgeon for the FST Medal. The nomination must have a seconder who does not necessarily have to be affiliated with the FST. Written permission must be sort from the nominee.

The nominees will be required to submit a current CV and highlight the contribution they have made to surgical education and training.

Fields to be considered

Nominees must be able to demonstrate their exceptional contribution to surgical training. Their contribution will be judged by and must be supported with evidence in any of these criteria:

  • Consistent over time (years)
  • Recognised - nationally and/or internationally
  • Impacting on the thinking and research behind training
  • Impacting positively on the delivery of service and training
  • Influencing others with publications or innovation

The closing date for nominations is 16 August 2019.

To nominate, email our Head of Secretariat, Irene MacDonald-Kennedy at  i.macdonald-kennedy@rcsed.ac.uk

Find out more about the Faculty of Surgical Trainers here.

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