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RCSEd Response to the National Training Survey Results

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08 Jul 2019

On Monday 8 July the results of the national training survey were released. Fewer trainees reported their care as “very good/good” than 2017 and more trainees reporting their training as “very poor/poor” than they did in 2017 whilst fewer trainers report enjoying their role than in 2017.

Professor Mike Griffin, RCSEd President, said:

“It’s unacceptable that rota gaps are still posing challenges to trainees and that more than half of trainees receive under six weeks’ notice of their rota before starting their current posts. There are huge issues facing trainers; a third of trainers are unable to use their allocated time for training and a third describe their workload as heavy.

Additionally, one in ten trainees and trainers have to pay to use their rest facilities. This is simply unfair and highlights key safety issues for patients who would be shocked to find out that the surgeon operating on them has in fact had to sleep in a consultant’s office floor due to a lack of facilities on a night shift.

RCSEd released a report Improving the Working Environment For Safe Surgical Care in 2017 which included a number of recommendations to ensure that staff are able to provide safe patient care. This includes reintroducing the hospital mess and designing rotas intelligently. We know what needs to be done to improve the lives of trainees and now Trusts and Health Boards must act to ensure staff are able to undertake their duties in a safe manner.”

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