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Supporting Trainee Doctors as They Prepare for Work in the NHS - Response to Heath Education England

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29 Aug 2019

Responding to Heath Education England’s (HEE) statement that more needs to be done to help trainee doctors prepare for their work in the NHS, David Riding, Chair of the Trainees’ Committee of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd), said:

“Embarking on a medical career is daunting and one of the major issues new doctors face is the reduction in pastoral and peer support which used to be provided within the firm structure.

“Ensuring new doctors are ready for the challenges they face is essential for them to be able to provide the highest levels of patient care and maintain patient safety.

“RCSEd’s report on Improving the Working Environment for Safe Surgical Care includes a number of recommendations which would help to support new doctors entering the NHS including the presence of structured senior support and the reintroduction of the hospital mess as well as a focus on human factors training. We call for HEE to work with Trusts to ensure to ensure these recommendations are put in place.”

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