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Colleges Write to Sajid Javid on Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship, Tier 2

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08 May 2018

The College, along with other organisations which represent both employers and the medical profession within the health sector, has written to newly appointed Home Secretary Sajid Javid asking to retain the current cap on restricted certificates of sponsorship for the short term but to exclude applications for shortage occupation roles from the allocation process.

The letter stated:

‘We are writing to ask for your help in finding and agreeing a solution to the persistent problems being caused by additional demand in the Tier 2 cap, and to highlight the serious impact of these rejections for patient access, patient care and the costs to the NHS. You will be aware that the Tier 2 cap for skilled workers has now been reached for an unprecedented fifth month in a row. For the NHS, this has meant that hundreds of highly skilled international doctors have not been able to take up posts within the health service.’

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