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Winner of RCSEd Video Communications Skills Competition 2017/2018 Announced

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29 Mar 2018

The College is pleased to announce that Mei Ying Chin has been named winner of the RCSEd Video Communications Skills Video Competition 2017/2018 for her video on anti-bullying and undermining as part of the #LetsRemoveIt campaign.

The importance of taking time for training is highlighted in the video that feature Will, a foundation trainee who aspires to be a surgeon and is keen to practice suturing. He offers to close up and informs that he has attended surgical skills training where he performed the procedure but not on a patient. He starts under supervision but is stopped and asked which medical school he graduated from, leading to his colleague telling him to pass to the consultant as they do not want to take the time for training. After being undermined, he cannot concentrate on his patients.

The College offers resources for those who have been bullied, witnessed bullying and/or believe they may be a bully.

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