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Doctors and Nurses Removed from Tier 2 Visa Cap

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14 Jun 2018

In response to today's Government announcement that doctors and nurses will be removed from the Tier 2 visa cap, RCSEd President Professor Michael Lavelle-Jones said:

“We are extremely pleased to hear the Government’s announcement that the Tier 2 visa cap will be lifted for NHS doctors and nurses. Much needed and highly skilled surgeons and other healthcare staff are being refused visas to work in the UK. At a time when the NHS is under strain from an ever growing and ageing population, we need to ensure we can recruit the best staff to work in the NHS from around the world. We welcome the Government’s announcement and look forward to seeing the restrictions lifted. 

“For those staff who are recruited into the NHS from outside the EU the process to secure a visa is cumbersome, often taking months for doctors to be able to come and work in the UK after successfully applying for a post. These delays in getting doctors into post lead to Trusts employing expensive locums, costing the NHS huge amounts of money. We encourage the Government to review the administrative process of securing a visa to ensure it is as streamlined as possible.”

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