College Comments on Settlement Scheme of EU Citizens Post-Brexit

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25 Jun 2018

Reacting to the government’s announcement of the settlement scheme that promises a fast track registration process for EU citizens who wish to remain the UK after Brexit, Professor Michael Lavelle-Jones, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh said:

“EU nationals make an enormous contribution to the NHS and both the tone of some of the debate around Brexit as well as the uncertainty over future statues has caused understandable disquiet amongst colleagues.

“As around a fifth of all NHS surgeons are from elsewhere in the EU, we simply do not believe the NHS can provide the current level of surgical services without their contribution.

“Therefore we are pleased that the government wishes to implement a speedy and user friendly registration scheme for both existing EU staff or those who may wish to work in the NHS in the future.

“Moreover, as part of the Cavendish Coalition of health and social care organisations, we look forward to engaging with government as they develop the final stages of the system.”

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