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RCSEd Response to Increase in Denials for Knee and Hip Surgery

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23 Jul 2018

An investigation by the BMJ has found that patients are being denied knee and hip surgery on the NHS. In 2017-18, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) turned down 1675 individual funding requests. This was an increase of 45% from 2016-17. Typically, individual funding requests have been used to limit particular procedures such as cosmetic and fertility procedures but their use is increasing for many types of procedure.

In response to the BMJ’s findings, RCSEd President Professor Michael Lavelle-Jones said: 

“The findings of the BMJ are disconcerting as it appears that procedures which should be being offered on the NHS are being denied to a substantial number of patients. We do not believe that CCGs should prevent patients from undergoing necessary treatment. The College will be contacting NHS England for further clarification on the utilisation of individual funding requests and is keen to work with NHS England and CCGs in order to produce and disseminate clear guidance.”

Read the BMJ article

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