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Out of Hours Trainees' Survey

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09 Jul 2018

The College’s Trainees' Committee has been receiving feedback that RCSEd Members are working in pressurised systems, particularly out of hours. Bearing this in mind, the College has designed a very short survey, which will serve as a listening exercise. 

As a College, our key focus is on excellence in patient safety, through high quality surgical education and training. As a result, if training is being impacted by the surgical systems in which some of us work, the College would like to understand the extent of the problem, so that we can also help to build towards providing solutions. We appreciate that our surgical Members work with different rota patterns, often across multiple sites and sometimes providing cover for multiple specialities. We want to learn about your experiences, so that we can then share examples of best practice that can shape the surgical training environment for the better. 

Explaining more about the survey, Chair of the College's Trainees Committee, Mr Michael Moran said:

"In recent months trainees are becoming ever more concerned about the impact of the systems in which they work on the ability to do their job safely, and to best meet patients' needs.

"We are also conscious of many surgeons in training now working under redesigned rotas, with many covering many hospital sites simultaneously, in non-resident on call patterns. RCSEd is the only surgical College in the UK and Ireland with a Trainees' Committee, and therefore we are really passionate about using our voice to represent our members. Following on from the success of the #LetsRemoveIt campaign, we want to help RCSEd become a beacon of best practice for out of hours training. We are focused on positive examples and of how we can share these, whilst recognising that trainees today are often working in very challenging systems to provide emergency surgical care."

The survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

> Take the survey here.


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