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RCSEd response to Dr Bawa-Garba High Court Ruling

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29 Jan 2018

In light of the recent High Court ruling concerning Dr Bawa-Garba RCSEd President, Michael Lavelle-Jones said:

“The death of Jack Adcock was truly tragic. Last week’s High Court ruling on the Bawa-Garba case has led to much discussion regarding the unsafe working conditions in which some trainees are forced to work. The ruling has implications for all doctors, particularly those who are balancing their roles whilst covering for staffing shortages.

The ruling will have an impact upon all doctors, many who now believe that mistakes they make in difficult, pressurised circumstances may lead to criminal convictions. We are concerned that patient safety may be put at risk as doctors will be fearful of discussing and learning about their mistakes for fear of litigation. We must ensure that doctors feel free to reflect on their practice without fear of repercussions.”

Read the full High Court ruling, and follow the conversation on Twitter at @RCSEd and @RCSEdBirmingham

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