RCSEd Response to Lord Darzi’s Interim Review of Health and Care

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27 Apr 2018

In response to the Interim Report of Lord Darzi’s Review of Health and Care, RCSEd President Professor Michael Lavelle-Jones said:

"RCSEd agrees with Lord Darzi’s assertion that the NHS requires a long term funding settlement for health and social care. It is evident that multi-year funding is essential to ensure the NHS can make longer term plans to address the current pressures it is experiencing rather than relying on short term initiatives and funding top ups. We also agree that the NHS should not be seen as a liability to be managed but as an asset which can have positive economic as well as health benefits. Whilst additional money is required, money alone will not be enough and the NHS will require new ways of working in order to provide safe and effective healthcare for the next 70 years. We look forward to reading Lord Darzi’s detailed funding and reform plan in lead up to the 70th anniversary of NHS."

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