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New Laws Allowing Advanced Paramedics to Prescribe Medicine

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05 Apr 2018


The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) supports new laws in England that allows hundreds of advanced paramedics to prescribe drugs, improving care for patients, speeding up access to treatment and preventing unnecessary visits to hospitals and GP practices.

Patients already rely on paramedics to administer live-saving treatment when they become critically ill or are involved in a serious accident. The new laws, which came into force on 1 April, allows the most qualified and experienced paramedics to also prescribe medication for patients who do not need hospital treatment. 

Following changes to the law expanding independent prescribing to specialist paramedics, Professor David Lockey, Chairman of RCSEd’s Faculty of Pre Hospital Care said:

“RCSEd welcomes new laws in England which expands independent prescribing to allow advanced care paramedics to prescribe drugs to patients. Paramedics are highly skilled professionals who can play a vital role in providing excellent patient care outside of GP and hospital environments, when appropriate. This has the potential to improve patient care, reduce demand on overstretched accident and emergency departments and GP practices and highlights the valuable contribution paramedics make to the NHS.”

Read more on the NHS England website.

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