College AGM 2017

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17 Nov 2017

The Annual General Meeting of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh took place on 17 November 2017.

Within his speech, College President Professor Michael Lavelle-Jones reflected on the achievements and work undertaken by the College in 2017, with a strong focus on patient safety and the College's endeavours to improve the culture and working environment for our membership.

"Last year, I focussed on the need for ‘inclusivity’ and the recognition that all that we deliver, as surgeons and dentists, relies heavily on team working with those around us if we are to provide the very best for our patients.  A lot of what we have actioned in 2017 continues to support this approach...

"Patient safety continues to be a strategic priority for our College. A parallel and closely related work stream to our anti-bullying campaign, which also achieved fruition this year, led to the publication of our report on ‘improving the working environment for safe surgical care’.This report - especially apposite in the wake of last year’s extremely destructive contractual dispute between the government and the BMA, includes a number of recommendations to improve safety in the delivery of surgical treatment and patient care. It too has attracted a lot of positive local and national media coverage, again placing our College at the heart of what matters to our patients and promoting our visibility as a College...

"I hope that you will agree this has been a busy year for the College which, unlike a fibrillating heart – frenetic activity with very little output – has actually been highly productive."

Download the full speech below.


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