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General Election: College Asks Political Parties to Address NHS Concerns

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16 May 2017

With the UK general election a month away, Professor Michael Lavelle-Jones, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, has today written to the health spokespeople from the main political parties to set out the College’s key asks for the next government.

Prof Lavelle-Jones said, “As one of the UK’s largest medical Royal Colleges, with a membership drawn from across all four UK home nations, we are only too aware of the size and complexity of the issues facing the NHS.

“I have written to all the main parties to ensure that the NHS is given due consideration during the election campaign, especially those issues that impact on medical standards and patient safety.

“These include:

  • Ensuring all NHS contracts, whether for trainees or consultants, guarantee sufficient time for training and allow flexibility within work plans.
  • A reintroduction of the ‘apprenticeship’ model of surgical training to restore the personal links between trainer and trainee, promote cadre working and enhance the value of the training experience.
  • Reviewing the role of consultants to so that those responsible for training and mentoring the next generation of practitioners have the time and space to do so.
  • Introducing UK wide structures to develop the professional skills and competencies of non-medical members of surgical team.
  • Using a less pejorative term for ‘junior’ or ‘trainee’ doctors; these are highly skilled and highly dedicated professionals and should be recognised as such.
  • Guaranteeing the continued status of overseas NHS staff and the retention of the 48 hour working week.
  • Investing in public health and ensuring access to specialist support services which support people to live healthier lives.

“As a College we believe that these actions are essential if we are to retain the current NHS workforce, attract next generation of practitioners, and safeguard the NHS for patients now and in the future.”

A copy of RCSEd’s Manifesto can be found here and you can read about the Dental Manifesto here

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