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RCSEd Urges Membership to Support Key Brexit Healthcare Priorities

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27 Jun 2017

Dear Fellows, Members & Affiliates,

With BREXIT negotiations now underway the College has been meeting with politicians to discuss the issues we believe should be at the heart of the negotiations around healthcare. We would now ask our membership to join with us by writing to their local MP, MSP, Welsh Assembly representative or Northern Ireland Assembly representative using our template letter, to ask them to support our call within their parliament.

The College is asking the government to:

- Protect EU nationals living and working in the UK by guaranteeing that they, and their families, can continue to do so post-BREXIT.

- Transfer the European Working Time Regulations (EWTR) to UK law and seek the advice of medical professionals on how they can be retained and improved upon.

- Guarantee reciprocal healthcare coverage between the UK and EU member states.

- Ensure science and research funding is protected.

- Continue to use and comply with current standards and regulation of medicines and medical devices.

In addition, the College wishes to highlight the importance of regulation around organ donation, environmental and public health legislation, and the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. We are asking the government to safeguard these areas and ensure that existing agreements, which protect patients and the public, remain in place.

We will continue to meet with politicians from all parties to highlight our concerns and I would ask all our Fellows and Members to support this work by taking five minutes to contact their local representative using our template letter. You can find the contact details for your local MP, MSP, Welsh Assembly representative or Northern Ireland Assembly representative using the links provided.

Thank you

Michael Lavelle-Jones
President, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh


Link to template letter to email or write to your local representative.


Click on the links below to find your local MP, MSP, Welsh Assembly Representative or Member of the Legislative Assembly for Northern Ireland:

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