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RCSEd Welcomes AoMRC's Choosing Wisely Campaign

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24 Oct 2016

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has launched its Choosing Wisely campaign, with a list of forty treatments and procedures that are of little or no benefit to patients.

The list, which has been drawn up by the Academy’s member royal colleges and faculties includes advice to both patients and doctors for treating health related issues such as:

  • Cuts and grazes – Tap water is just as good for cleaning them as saline solution
  • Lower back pain – X-rays are of little benefit if there are no other concerning features
  • Terminal cancer – Chemotherapy may be used to relieve symptoms but can also be painful, cannot cure the disease and may well bring further distress in the final months of life
  • Prostate conditions – Routine screening using a test known as a Prostate Specific Antigen, or PSA test does not lead to longer life and can bring unnecessary anxiety
  • Small wrist fractures or ‘buckle fractures’ in children – Do not normally need a plaster
    cast, and will heal just as quickly with a removable splint

Welcoming today’s launch of ‘Choosing Wisely’, Michael Lavelle-Jones, President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh said:

"We strongly support the ‘Choosing Wisely’ recommendations which were released today and which resonate with existing initiatives in Scotland and Wales.

"We believe ‘Choosing Wisely’ is a key step in encouraging a cultural change in healthcare toward a system based on transparent and shared decision making in which both patient and practitioner are encouraged to have full and frank conversations about all aspects of care.
“Ultimately, it challenges us all to remember that, in some circumstances, more is not always better.”

Read more at www.aomrc.org.uk

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