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Junior Doctors’ Contract and Equality Analysis

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01 Apr 2016

In response to the Department of Health’s Equality Analysis on the proposed Junior Doctor Contract, Mr Michael Lavelle Jones, President of The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and Miss Alice Hartley, Trainee Member  of Council, have today written the following letter to the Secretary of State:


Dear Secretary of State,

As one of the largest medical Royal Colleges in the UK, we acknowledge the need for more women to enter the profession as a practical necessity. As such, we are disappointed and dismayed at what we believe are the unfortunate and unhelpful comments made in the "Equality Analysis on the new contract for doctors and dentists in training in the NHS" document released on 31 March.

The analysis acknowledges that changes in the contract will disadvantage women, particularly those training part time, carers and lone parents. However it states, "any indirect adverse effect which may occur is a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim".

We therefore would be interested in the evidence you have to support the assertions that have been made.

As you will be aware, the medical Royal Colleges have been trying to ensure an amicable resolution to the current Junior Doctors dispute and minimise the effect on patients throughout this process.

However we are alarmed that the tone and content of this Analysis, especially its references to both women trainees and those, regardless of gender and individual circumstances, who may wish to work and train on a less than full time basis.

All medical professionals are entitled to a reasonable work life balance as well as specialty training and adequate preparation for professional examinations.

Mr Michael Lavelle-Jones
President of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh

Miss Alice Hartley

Trainee Member on RCSEd Council

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