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Hospitals Spending £35m on "Rotting Teeth" in Children

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15 Apr 2016

Responding to the Local Government Association’s report that shows an increase in the number children having to undergo surgery to remove rotten teeth, Professor Bill Saunders, Dean of the Dental Faculty of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh said:

"The increase in the number of children having to go through this painful and often traumatic form of surgery is a nothing short of shameful, and the LGA’s findings should be an important wake up call for government.

"Dental decay is the top cause of childhood hospital admission for children aged between five and nine, and this is a perfectly avoidable epidemic caused by the excessive use of sugar in food and drink, confusing labelling, uneven access to fluoridised water and a lack of coherent public health interventions.

"Around 40% of 11-15 years-olds have a sugary drink at least once a day, so the introduction of a sugar tax is welcome first step. However we call on governments throughout the UK to urgently devise and implement a national obesity strategy that contains measures to reduce sugar content in a wide range of food and drinks as well as a national oral strategy to deal with this specific issue.”

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