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College Hosts Future Clinical Leaders Summit

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07 Apr 2016

The College will today host an event for doctors taking part in a UK-wide fellowship programme to develop clinical leadership in the NHS. The UK Clinical Leadership Fellows Event, taking place on 7-8 April at the College’s Edinburgh campus, brings together for the first time fellows from all four UK nations, harnessing the power of collective leadership and collaboration across boundaries.

The RCSEd’s current Clinical Leadership Fellow is Dr Gemma Sullivan, an ST7 in neonatal medicine. Dr Sullivan commented:

“The event promises to provide an insightful introduction to the Scottish Health and Social Care system with representation from Scotland’s senior medical leaders, including Chief Medical Officer, Dr Catherine Calderwood.

The fellowship offers a unique opportunity for experiential learning within strategic healthcare partnership organisations, enabling the development of the necessary knowledge, skills and networks to be an effective leader for the future NHS in Scotland.”

Welcoming fellows and speakers to the event, the College’s Vice President, Professor John Duncan said:

“The Leadership Fellow programme is an important component in future-proofing the clinical leadership of the NHS.  Many of my generation wish that we had had the opportunity to learn how the service works and how to go about facilitating change at an earlier stage of our careers”

The RCSEd supports half of the funding for three clinical leadership fellows, each based in Scotland, England and in Wales. The one-year posts are an important part of the strategy to develop professionalism and excellence across medicine and dentistry in the NHS. The programme aims to develop doctors with enhanced leadership capabilities.

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