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FICM - Critical Futures Survey

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22 Jul 2015

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine (FICM), supported by the other relevant professional organisations comprising the Critical Care Leadership Forum, have commissioned a forward-looking review of critical care services in the UK to build upon the work of Comprehensive Critical Care: A Review of Adult Critical Care Services (CCC), which was published by the Department of Health in 2000 and introduced a range of measures aimed at improving the care of critically ill patients and addressing pressures that faced critical care services at that time; and upon Quality Critical Care: Beyond Comprehensive Critical Care (QCC), which was published in 2005 by the then Critical Care Stakeholder Forum and which reinforced a number of CCC’s recommendations in addition to augmenting these with further proposals.

With this review they hope to identify emerging challenges for UK critical care that need to be addressed in the medium to longer term (i.e. 5-10 years hence). This work is not a duplication of the Guidelines for the Provision of Intensive Care Services (GPICS) (2015), nor, within England, the NHS Five Year Strategy, but is intended to help inform future editions of GPICS and decision making concerning clinical training, commissioning and organisation.

To assist with this review, they would be grateful to hear your views on pressures identified both nationally and locally and how they might be addressed. The survey also asks a small number of questions regarding the implementation of CCC and QCC recommendations and how appropriate you feel they remain for meeting contemporary and future challenges to the delivery of critical care services.

Take the survey here >> 

The deadline is 9am on Tuesday 1 September.

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