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Keogh Concerns on an Ageing Population

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19 Jan 2015

Commenting on the interview with Sir Bruce Keogh in The Guardian newspaper today, in which he stated that the NHS’s future is in danger because its model of care cannot meet the relentlessly growing demand for treatment caused by the ageing population, Mr Ian Ritchie said

"Our Members and Fellows are at the sharp end of dealing with the pressures Sir Bruce highlights, and I share his view, that the NHS needs to undergo a ‘complete transformation’ to sustain the highest standards of care.

"As one of the largest medical Royal Colleges representing thousands of surgical professionals in England and all the devolved nations, we believe that those working in the NHS are best placed to lead change and devise responses based on their personal experiences and professional expertise.

"So, in addition to supporting efforts to reduce the burden on hospitals through a better integration of primary, secondary and social care, we also advocate better team working amongst hospital staff to pool professional expertise and maximise the talent that the NHS has at its disposal.

"We also believe that clinicians need constant support and training and our educational activity has a key role in ensuring the NHS workforce is able to deal with current and future challenges.

"We look forward to working with Sir Bruce and NHS England to deliver the major changes outlined in last October’s Five Year Forward View."

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