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Freedom to Speak Up Review

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11 Feb 2015

 The release today of the ‘Freedom to Speak Up Review’ has been welcomed by the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh(RCSEd)  – the UK’s oldest surgical College and one of the largest of all the medical Royal Colleges, which represents over 22,500 surgical professionals across the UK and throughout the world.

 Speaking at the time of the College’s submission to the Review, RCSEd President Ian Ritchie said:

 "If the NHS is to become more open, transparent, and accountable then staff need to be able to identify and voice their concerns without fear of personal and professional repercussions. That is why The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is supporting this review by making recommendations based on the experience of our extensive membership across the UK. We will continue to support work in this area to ensure that all staff feel able to raise concerns and to help improve patient safety.”

 Adding to this statement today Mr Ritchie said:

 "The College has a zero tolerance policy on bullying, undermining and harassment. We have been working with our membership, through our membership survey and through a group specifically set up to investigate these issues, to determine how many people have been affected directly or indirectly by this kind of behaviour and what they believe the College can do to change the culture which allows it, and support those who are impacted by it.

 "Our central aim is to serve our patients and we are acutely aware that such behaviour has a detrimental effect on patient care. As such we have released a statement outlining our position on bullying, harassment and undermining. In addition we will soon be releasing a package of resources to support those affected by these issues.”

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