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ACS International Guest Scholarships

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30 Apr 2015

Since 1968, the American College of Surgeons has offered International Guest Scholarships (IGS) to outstanding young surgeons from countries other than the United States and Canada, who have demonstrated strong interests and accomplishments in teaching and research.

Applications are now being accepted for the International Guest Scholarships for the year 2016. The closing date for receipt of applications and all supporting documentation is 1 July 2015.

Each Scholarship offers a stipend of $10,000 US, participation in the Clinical Congress, and the expectation of visits to several U.S. and Canadian clinical and research sites of the Scholar's choice.  A mentor will be assigned to assist the Scholar to plan his or her tour.

Scholarship requirements and the online application form may be accessed here.

Several of these scholarships have special designations. The Stavros Niarchos Foundation International Guest Scholarship is dedicated to a Greek or Greek heritage surgeon. The Dr. Murray F. Brennan IGS is designated for a surgical oncologist, preferably from Australia or New Zealand.

Also, the International Relations Committee announces the Community Surgeons Travel Awards program (CSTA) for 2016.  This award assists international surgeons to attend the annual Clinical Congress, but places less emphasis upon their academic and publication achievement for eligibility and is open to a greater age range. This programme offers a stipend of $4,000, and includes attendance and participation at Clinical Congress, gratis admission to several postgraduate courses and a mentor to provide advice. The application deadline is 1 July 2015 for Year 2016 awardees.

Programme requirements and the online application form for CSTA may be accessed here.

Please direct questions to Ms. Kate Early, International Liaison, via email, at kearly@facs.org.

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