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National CADS Audit Launches

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03 Apr 2014

An RCSEd Member is leading a major project aiming to provide ‘landmark data’ in a national audit of complicated acute diverticulitis (CADS).

Shafaque Shaikh, Academic Clinical Lecturer in Colorectal Surgery at Leeds University, launched the multicentre prospective audit exploring the impact of variability in clinical practice on short-term patient outcomes in diverticulitis.

Mrs Shaikh said: “Acute diverticulitis is a common problem in the UK, however, the current guidelines are not adequate for its management. Because good quality trials are inadequate, surgical units often adopt variable policies to manage this condition.”

The national audit, which won the 2014 National Audit Competition, aims to provide the largest dataset yet on the national incidence, management strategies, short-term patient outcomes, stoma rates and the role of surgical and radiological intervention for CADS.

Registration is now open, with data collection taking place for three months from July.


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