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RCSEd’s Trainees’ Committee Election Results

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01 Mar 2013

Following the recent election for four further members of the College's Trainees' Committee we are pleased to announce that Emma Reay, Iain McCallum, Alice Hartley and Michael Moran have been successful in their candidacy.

The membership of the Trainees' Committee is now as follows: 

Issaq Ahmed Specialty Trainee Registrar 7 Trauma and Orthopaedics South East Scotland
Alex Aarvold Specialty Trainee Registrar 6 Trauma and Orthopaedics Wessex
Alice Hartley Specialty Trainee 4 Urology Northern England
Diane Hildebrand Specialty Trainee 4 (currently on OOPR) General Surgery North of Scotland
Michael Moran Specialty Trainee 5 (currently on OOPR) Otorhinolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Northern Ireland
Iain McCallum Specialty Trainee 4 General surgery - Colorectal Northern England
Richard McGregor Specialty Trainee 4 (currently on OOPR) General Surgery South East of Scotland
Kasra Shaikhrezai Specialty Trainee 5 Cardiothoracic Surgery Scotland
Emma Reay Specialty Trainee 7 Trauma & Orthopaedics Northern England
Suzanne Thomson Specialty Trainee 3 Plastic Surgery Scotland
David Wordsworth Specialty Trainee 5 Trauma and Orthopaedics East of England

For more information about how RCSEd represents Trainees at the College please visit our Trainees Committee page, or to contact the Trainees' Committee please email traineescommittee@rcsed.ac.uk

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