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RCSEd rolls out more MRCS centres

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14 Mar 2013

The RCSEd has significantly broadened the availability of the MRCS Part A examination to surgical trainees around the world.

The Edinburgh College has announced it will open five new examination centres, in Iraq, Pakistan, India, Ghana and Egypt.

The addition of Accra, Erbil and Cairo to the list of MRCS centres means it is the first time surgical trainees in Ghana, Iraq and Egypt will be able to sit the RCSEd's examination in their home countries.

The 500-year-old institution, which has some 19,000 members in 100 countries, is also pleased to add Islamabad and Kerala to its list of existing centres in Pakistan and India.

Mr Ken Hosie, Convener of the College's Examinations Committee, said: "The announcement of these new centres is a major development in improving accessibility to this examination for surgical trainees around the world.

"The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has long regarded itself as a truly global surgical college and we are delighted that interest in our qualifications has allowed us to open these new centres.

"We hope this addition to our examination centres will make it easier for candidates in these countries to ultimately become Members and Fellows of one of the oldest and most prestigious surgical institutions in the world."

Erbil started in April 2012. The Kerala diet takes place on 23 April 2013, with the Islamabad, Accra and Cairo diets being held on 10 September 2013.

For more information, email: surgical.exams@rcsed.ac.uk

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