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Hospitals in Scotland 'Safer Than Ever'

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04 Mar 2013

A report issued today by the Scottish Government has said NHS Scotland is safer than ever as latest figures show hospital mortality has drastically reduced. Across Scotland there has been a 12.4 per cent reduction in deaths - equating to over 8,500 lives saved - since the introduction of the world-leading Scottish Patient Safety Programme in 2008.

Measures put in place as part of the national programme include: a safety checklist to be completed before operations take place, more ward rounds, double-checking medicines and an early warning system for critically ill patients.

In June 2012, the Scottish Government announced a three year extension of the Programme, which set a new aim to reduce Scotland's Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratio by 20 per cent and that 95 per cent of patients will suffer no avoidable harm by the end of 2015.

Simon Paterson-BrownSpeaking on behalf of RCSEd's Patient Safety Board, Mr Simon Paterson-Brown said:

"This is very encouraging news for patients and staff throughout all NHS facilities in Scotland. Much of the improvement comes from the hard work and dedication of all members of staff who should rightly feel pleased with this report.

"However we must not be complacent and further work is required to improve the overall understanding of the whole NHS workforce on the importance of Human Factors in Health Care, and how this will lead to better teamwork and communication in the future, two of the most important elements in improving patient safety."

For further information visit the Scottish Government website.

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