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AoMRC Statement in Response to Government Statement on the Francis Report

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26 Mar 2013

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) has fully endorsed a statement issued by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, in response to the Government's statement on the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Inquiry, which was issued today (26 March 2013).

RCSEd has been working with The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, and all its constituent member Colleges and Faculties, following the publication of the Francis Report in February 2013, to consider how they and other partners can support the implementation of the report's recommendations. The Academy has stated that it strongly supports the central messages, principles and recommendations of the Francis Report. It welcomes the positive actions taken to date to implement the Report's recommendations and to ensure that quality of care is the foremost priority for all involved in the delivery of health services. The Academy, Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties are keen to work with Government and other bodies to implement change.

In their statement, The Academy has said that it and its members recognised that there were shocking failures in care at Mid Staffordshire Trust and systematic breakdowns in how the NHS safeguarded the quality of care for patients. They accepted that all professionals, from the medical and nursing profession to managers had a share in the responsibility for these failings.

In practical terms the Academy and its member Colleges and Faculties are:

  • Drawing up implementation plans for how they and others can effect a major change in patient care and professionalism among medical practitioner
  • Identifying which of the report's recommendations they can actively help implement and where they can lend support
  • Holding a seminar in April for Colleges and Faculties to prioritise and develop their activity and proposals in response to the report
  • Developing a programme and tools to support clinicians and managers in deciding priorities and ensuring quality in difficult financial circumstances.

For further information visit the AoMRC website.

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