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Change in the NHS

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05 Jun 2013

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) today welcomed a report from the NHS Confederation, National Voices and the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges (AoRMC) which calls for "more meaningful engagement in how services are arranged and changed with all those groups who are impacted by them".

Speaking about the report Mr Ian Ritchie, President RCSEd, said:

Ian Ritchie"This is a constructive and helpful report which we welcome whole-heartedly, as members of the AoRMC and as professionals. With nearly 11,000 Fellows and Members in England and Wales; nearly 3,000 in Scotland and a significant number in Northern Ireland, we represent the interests of surgical professionals across every area of the NHS.

 "The crux of the report's recommendations is that we must encourage NHS workers, in all quarters, to think differently about how services are provided, with the focus on the patients. The real challenge is to shift our focus from what is comfortable to what is right for our patients, within the context of reducing numbers of trainees; fiscal stringency across the board; and a need for new working practices.

"To do this NHS workers in every area of the Service must work together and, crucially, must work with patients. Involving patients in reconfiguration will allow us to make difficult decisions and, ultimately, create a National Health Service that truly has the patient at its heart."

To read the full report download the document below, or for further information visit the AoMRC website.


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