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Safe Prescribing and Administration of Medicines in Scottish Hospitals

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15 Jul 2013


The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh will be holding a Symposium entitled 'Safe Prescribing and Administration of Medicines in Scottish Hospitals' on Tuesday, 1 October 2013.

Prescribing is the most common therapeutic intervention made by the NHS to restore and maintain the health of its patients. Although most prescriptions achieve these aims, evidence from studies around the UK suggests that many hospital prescriptions contain errors which lead to avoidable adverse drug reactions. These events both harm patients and result in unnecessary use of scarce NHS resources (e.g. prolonged hospital stay, litigation costs). Preventing prescribing errors is now a major priority in improving the quality of secondary healthcare delivery.

This symposium will explore the causes and types of prescribing error made in hospitals, referencing the large multi-centre UK studies that have recently been completed and including the testimony of healthcare professionals working at the forefront of Scottish hospitals. Through workshops and discussion, this symposium will consider approaches to systems improvement such as engaging senior doctors in review, the role of clinical pharmacy, incident reporting and review, education of frontline staff, and better use of mobile decision support.

For further information please visit the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh's website.

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