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RCSEd Welcomes New NHS Blood and Transplant Strategy

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12 Jul 2013


The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) welcomes the launch of the new NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) strategy that aims to further increase the rate of organ donation in the UK to match the very best international standards. This follows on from the success of the 2008 organ donation task force recommendations which have contributed to a 50% increase in organ donation in England and a 75% increase in Scotland, and which has seen a real increase in the number of patients who have undergone life-saving transplants.


The major changes that led to these improvements were made in the logistical aspects of organ donation whilst the new strategy now focuses on revolutionising the public's attitude to consent for organ donation so that it becomes a normal part of end of life care.


Commenting on behalf of RCSEd, RCSEd Fellow and Honorary Consultant Transplant Surgeon, Miss Lorna Marson said:


"The challenges put forward by NHSBT today include consideration of overriding the wishes of family members in order to carry out the donor's expressed desire, and the possibility of incentivising organ donation so that a higher priority is given to those on the organ donor register if they need a transplant later in life.


"Such strategies will require careful consideration with public and governmental deliberation. In so doing, the public's awareness of organ donation is raised and individuals are encouraged to discuss their wishes with their close relatives; and, as has been demonstrated in earlier successful publicity campaigns, this in itself is likely to have a positive impact on consent rates for organ donation."


For further information, please visit the NHS Blood and Transplant website.

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