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Response to DDRB Report

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13 Feb 2013

Following the publication of the above DDRB Report in December 2012, The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has examined the recommendations of the Review Body and has responded to a number of these recommendations.

RCSEd supports in principle many of the recommendations made by the Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration in their review of compensation levels, incentives and the Clinical Excellence and Distinction Award schemes for NHS consultants and is particularly supportive of the proposal that award schemes should operate within a UK-wide common framework of principles and governance. RCSEd does, however, have concerns in relation to several of these recommendations. In particular:

  • The College does not support the move to make new awards non-pensionable and to make existing awards non-pensionable in respect of future service. It is felt that this would be a disincentive for individuals to move to the new scheme and that it could have a negative impact on performance.
  • There are concerns that running such schemes on an annual basis could be overly bureaucratic and could reward high-profile activities with short-term results over those of individuals who demonstrate consistently high performance over a number of years. It is felt that schemes should be run over a longer period with robust annual reviews.
  • The College is disappointed that, despite the commitment to look at the report's recommendations on a UK-wide basis, consultants in Scotland and Northern Ireland are being treated differently from their colleagues in England and Wales.
  • There are some reservations over the introduction of the proposed 'Principal Consultant' grade and the College calls for further clarity around this role and how it is intended that it would operate.

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