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AoMRC Flexible Careers Survey Results

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10 Dec 2013


In 2012 the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Flexible Careers Committee devised an online survey to identify, and subsequently quantify, important current issues for ‘Less than full time’ (LTFT) doctors.

The survey asked:

  • If consultants, SAS doctors and trainees currently working less than full time are experiencing difficulties in working LTFT?
  • How frequent are these difficulties?
  • What types of difficulties are commonly encountered?
  • How (or if) they are resolved?
  • Whether or not working LTFT currently restricts the ability to take on additional roles and responsibilities?

Key findings from the survey showed that:

  • 23.5% of women, 35.5% of men and 42.0% of those declaring a disability or long-term health problem had difficulties when negotiating the time commitment of their current contract
  • 24.5% of women and 25.0% of men reported that they had been bullied at some point in their career
  • 58.6% of 251 respondents felt they had been subjected to persistent undermining behaviour as a consequence of their LTFT working
  • Only 39.7% of female respondents reported taking on additional roles compared to 86.7% of male respondents
  • Only 36.8% of respondents currently have a mentor.

The report recommends a series of actions for Royal College and Faculties to tackle the issues highlighted by the report.

Download the report from the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges website.


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