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RCSEd Encourages Blood Transfusion Training

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01 Aug 2013


NHS Scotland medical staff involved in the transfusion process are encouraged to undertake the NHS blood transfusion online training via the 'learnbloodtransfusion' website.


This training module is accessible through the NHS Learnpro site.


Commenting on the importance of undertaking this training, RCSEd President Mr Ian Ritchie said:


"The consequences of blood transfusion errors are extremely serious for our patients and there is a need for us to pay attention to this from the perspective of patient safety.   


"It is extremely important for the sake of our patients that we are all up-to-date with blood transfusion protocols and safety procedures. I would encourage you not only to do the training yourself through the NHS Learnpro website, but also to encourage any trainees and other colleagues to access the website and undergo the training."


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