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Give More Advice on Physical Activity, Doctors Urged

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12 Oct 2012

The Scottish Government's Physical Activity Champion has spoken to The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh about his campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of physical activity.

Dr Andrew Murray, an Edinburgh-based sport & exercise medicine specialist and ultra-marathon runner, urged all healthcare professionals to be aware of the guidelines for the right amount of physical activity and to share that with their patients and colleagues.

He told the RCSEd: "We can make this a routine part of assessment and rehabilitation advice post-surgery... If a patient goes from being inactive to active at the time of an operation they are much more likely to get positive health outcomes, survival rates will be greater and they will spend less time in hospital...

"The vast majority of resource in the NHS is spent on treatment, but 75% of illness is, to some degree, preventable. So let's do the right thing by our patients every time; let's ask about smoking and alcohol, physical activity and a healthy diet."

Expressing his support for Dr Murray's campaign, RCSEd Vice President Professor George Youngson CBE said, "Andrew Murray's enthusiastic endorsement of regular exercise reminds the surgical community of the importance of establishing an exercise profile in our patients; recognising that, for many surgical specialties, enabling patients to exercise through surgical intervention will have a significant return on our therapeutic investment."

Dr Murray also told the RCSEd of his next ultra-marathon challenge to run seven marathons in seven consecutive days across the seven continents, which can be followed on www.docandrewmurray.com and on Twitter @docandrewmurray.

Click here to listen to the full interview with Dr Murray.

Watch the video 23 1/2 hrs www.paha.org.uk/Feature/23.5-hours

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