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RCSEd launches Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine

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19 Mar 2012

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh is to become the first royal college in the UK to offer a diploma in retrieval and transfer medicine.

The first diet of the Postgraduate Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine (DRTM) is to take place over two days in September and is open to doctors, nurses and paramedics who are fully registered in the UK.

Dr Stephen Hearns, Consultant in Emergency and Retrieval Medicine and project lead for the exam, said: "We are very excited to be launching the new qualification, which has been developed by the RCSEd's Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care and is set at a standard necessary to be a safe and effective member of a critical care retrieval team.

"With an increasing number of doctors, nurses and paramedics from a range of backgrounds undertaking high-risk critical care retrievals, there is a need to develop a benchmark assessment of skills, knowledge, attitudes and experience.

"Through its Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, RCSEd has considerable experience in hosting the Diploma in Immediate Medical Care and so is ideally placed to host the UK Diploma in Retrieval and Transfer Medicine."

The DRTM will focus on assessment of candidates' experience of secondary and tertiary retrieval. Clinical knowledge and skills will also be assessed. When working in demanding, diverse and time-critical situations with a variety of unfamiliar team members, excellent communication and team resource management skills are vital for a retrieval practitioner. Assessment of these skills will also be part of the exam.

Announcement of the new qualification comes as retrieval and transfer medicine is becoming increasingly important, both in civilian and military settings. The establishment of trauma care networks in England will lead to formalised primary retrieval teams for pre-hospital trauma management and will necessitate the introduction of rapidly responsive secondary retrieval systems to transfer patients from trauma units to trauma centres.

Increasingly, secondary-to-tertiary care transfer and international repatriation of the critically ill between facilities is recognised as a high-risk activity but practise remains unregulated. The skill set required for all types of retrieval is very similar and many clinicians will undertake all categories of retrieval within single services.

The first diet of the examination will take place on 6 and 7 September 2012.

The closing date for the 2012 diet is 29 June 2012.

To view a detailed syllabus, candidate guide and a guide to educational resources visit our Examinations page.

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