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RCSEd Addresses Importance of Non-Technical Skills with Masterclass and Online Tutorial

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20 Aug 2012

The RCSEd has collaborated with Aberdeen University to produce an online tutorial about the role of human factors in surgical errors.

Non-Technical Skills for Surgeons (NOTSS) explains the importance of non-technical skills and how these can support good operative performance.

One of the video's producers, Mr Simon Paterson-Brown, Consultant Upper & Gastrointestinal Consultant in Edinburgh, said: "Analysis of adverse events in surgery over the last five to ten years have identified that it is failings in human factor issues that cause problems and not exclusively under-performance in technical skills. Research into this area has identified the key non-technical skills which underpin good surgical performance and this training package will take users through these in detail."

The video comes as the programme is announced for the NOTSS Masterclass 2012, which takes place on 13-14 December at the RCSEd. The two-day event will cover clinical human factors and the cognitive and social skills in enhancing operative performance.

The tutorial is available to RCSEd members via the login page.

Click here to book for the NOTSS Masterclass.

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