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Academy of Medical Colleges New Guidance on Return to Practice

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16 Apr 2012

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges recently published guidance about doctors returning to practice. Measures to support doctors returning to practice after an absence, planned or otherwise, are essential as time away from practice can affect doctors' skills, confidence and knowledge base.

The guidance, based on the considerable experience of the Return to Practice working group set up by the Academy, alongside a review of existing evidence on return to practice, contains:

  • Advice for managing the issues facing doctors returning to practice
  • Practical checklists for evaluating doctors on and/or before their return to practice
  • Recommendations for establishing an organisational policy on return to practice
  • Recommendations for setting up an action plan to assist in returning to practice.

To read the report, please visit www.aomrc.org.uk/publications/reports-a-guidance.html.

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