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RCSEd Dentsply Sirona Dental Skills Competition Finalists 2017-2018

Jed Lee

 Queen Mary University of London
Ashish Parmar

University of Sheffield 
Rowan Glossop


 University of Central Lancashire
Shannon Godfrey

Cork University Dental School 
Rhonan Green

University of Birmingham 
Rumandeep Dhillon

Plymouth University
Sameer Bashir


University of Manchester
Lindsay Martin
University of Bristol
Joe Reid

Newcastle University
Catherine Black 

Queen’s University Belfast
Vignesh Eswara Murty


Trinity College Dublin
Iain Ogilvie

University of Glasgow
Ammar Zaki

University of Liverpool
Kieran Walker

Cardiff University
Jillian Henderson

University of Aberdeen
Ingvil Fiona Ofstad

University of Dundee
Katy Galloway

University of Leeds
Rosalyn Thomas

Kings College London


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